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This page contains episodes from my “Money Matters Show Live” on Facebook as well as shorter instructional videos on my five step “Financial Sanity Solution” and other topics to assist you to control of your finances.

February 22, 2018-Have you ever had the uncomfortable experience of negotiating a car purchase and not knowing if you are getting ripped off? Well join me to learn FIVE key car negotiating tips to help you not get taken advantage of the next time you buy a car.  CLICK

February 15, 2018–  Have you been receiving phone calls about refinancing to pull out money to pay off high interest credit cards?  Well learn the truth about whether it is a good idea by watching this video.  CLICK HEREpexels-photo-106399

Sometimes you choose a challenge, sometimes a challenge chooses you. Join me at 9 am on Saturday on Facebook Live as I share with you the story of someone who overcame the challenge of an unexpected life changing event that happened in just 11 seconds!


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