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This page contains episodes from my “Money Matters Show Live” on Facebook as well as shorter instructional videos on my five step “Financial Sanity Solution” and other topics to assist you to control of your finances.

May 31, 2018– The importance of financial literacy education is more critical now than any time in our history. Join me in a discussion regarding the lack of financial education in our schools, and in adulthood, and the devastating consequences it has for all of us. CLICK HERE.

May 24, 2018 – If you have been inundated with offers to take the equity out of your home for a new kitchen or vacation, join me to learn what you need to know before you make a big mistake. CLICK HERE.

April 12, 2018 – learn what to do to protect your retirement nest egg from creditors. Also, hear my rant about the latest issue of The AARP Bulletin and the disservice it is providing to its members.  CLICK HERE.


April 5, 2018 – Are monkey’s smarter than humans when it comes to money decisions?  The answer may surprise you.  CLICK HERE to find out.



March 29, 2018 – Check out this video on the “money illusion” and how the new iPhone takes the concept to new heights in consumer manipulation.  I also share with you three big mistakes i see consumers make with their 401(k)’s and home equity lines of credit. Click Here


March 22, 2018 – Ever wonder if credit cards actually make you spend more money than if you used cash?  Check out this vlog where I share scientific studies that answer this questions.  CLICK HERE.


human brainMarch 15, 2018 – In this vlog, learn three reasons why are brains are wired to cause us to make bad financial decisions. Once you are aware of these fallacies, you can take a step back and challenge your brain to make the right economic decision and not a foolhardy one.  CLICK HERE.


March 8, 2018 – Join me as I share with you the truth about the looming debt crisis based on record high consumer debt. And I’ll answer your questions on how to bring sanity to your finances.  CLICK HERE.



March 1, 2018 – Have you ever wondered how credit card companies get to charge such crushingly high interest rates of 29% when if we charged it we would go to jail?  Well in this show I explain how they get away with it.  I also explain why the worst loans in the world are pay day loans where you will get trapped and pay of 300% interest on a loan.  CLICK HERE

car-dealer-adFebruary 22, 2018-Have you ever had the uncomfortable experience of negotiating a car purchase and not knowing if you are getting ripped off? Well join me to learn FIVE key car negotiating tips to help you not get taken advantage of the next time you buy a car.  CLICK HERE.

pexels-photo-106399February 15, 2018–  Have you been receiving phone calls about refinancing to pull out money to pay off high interest credit cards?  Well learn the truth about whether it is a good idea by watching this video.  CLICK HERE.  


Sometimes you choose a challenge, sometimes a challenge chooses you. Join me at 9 am on Saturday on Facebook Live as I share with you the story of someone who overcame the challenge of an unexpected life changing event that happened in just 11 seconds!


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