Two Minute Tips

two-minute-timerOn this page I share with you quick money saving ideas in videos that are two minutes or less. Spend some time here instead of spending more money!


  1. CREATE A MENU.- In this video I share a  money saving tip I discovered accidentally.
  2. IT ALL STARTS WITH A BUDGETIn this video, I explain how to start your way to a fresh start buy implementing a budget. I also help you out with my FREE ULTIMATE BUDGET PLANNER you can get by CLICKING HERE.
  3. THE POWER OF TRACKING – A budget is almost worthless if you don’t track your spending.  Watch this video to learns tips on how to best track your expenses.  CLICK HERE.
  4. WANTS vs. NEEDS – Don’t get tricked by sales to induce you to spend more than you can afford. CLICK HERE.

Teaching You How to Break Your Addiction to Credit

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