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The Money Illusion and iPhone Manipulation

Check out this video on the “money illusion” and how the new iPhone takes the concept to new heights in consumer manipulation.  I also share with you three big mistakes i see consumers make with their 401(k)’s and home equity lines of credit.

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Radio Show / Podcast

Join me each Monday starting on July 10, 2017, from 11 am to 12 noon as I share with you tips and tools to get control of your finances and help you learn how to live without a dependence on debt, so you can bring sanity and serenity to you and your family’s financial future.

I will also have special guests on the show to focus in on specific financial issues from buying a home or car, to protecting your assets and, collecting money owed to you.  I will also open the phone lines and take your calls to answer your questions.

If you miss a show, you can come to this page and listen to the

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The Money Matters Show Live-Episode One

Welcome to the “Money Matters Show Live”- Episode One.  In this show, I introduce you to why I created the show and the epiphany I had that inspired its creation.  I also share with you some tricks the credit cards company use to manipulate you so they can charge higher interest rates and, I introduce you to my five step “Financial Sanity Solution”©

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