9 Reasons to Hire Mark

9 Reasons To Hire Mark Martella To Help Your Team Gain The Financial Literacy They Won’t Get Anywhere Else!

 1.  You Need to Reduce Stress Among Employees to Increase Productivity and Profitability. Mark Addresses that Elephant in the Room!

Over 60% of America’s workers are under financial stress at home.  While no one likes to talk about it, this stress is affecting the productivity, profitability and performance in the workplace.  When it comes to healthcare, where the stakes are so high, this elephant can no longer be ignored as a distracted health care provider can lead to tragic results.

  1. You Know that “An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure.” When You Work with Mark, You Get the Prevention AND the Cure.

 Having worked with clients for 30 years coming to him in times of desperation, Mark’s mission is to get to individuals and heads of families before they are in crisis by teaching them the tools they need to get out of debt and bring sanity to their finances.  He is focusing on the health care industry because he believes it is where he can provide the greatest impact and return on investment for organizations, not only helping them save money, but also, save lives.

  1. You Need someone who will Inspire and Motivate Your Employees to Take Action Now! Mark Pulls Back the Curtain Sharing His Journey of Financial Recovery.

 It’s one thing to talk about the stress that a person goes through when faced with a mountain of debt, it’s another to have actually walked in their shoes.  Over 20 years ago, due to a failed business venture outside of the law (an Italian deli and catering business), Mark had to seek the protection of the U.S. Bankruptcy Code.  Staring over, with $20 in his pocket and a Plymouth Voyager Van that smelled like stale chicken parmigiana, he rebuilt his life, his practice and his career.  Using his personal experience, Mark mixes in some old fashioned “hero’s journey” motivation, with practical answers to a serious problem surreptitiously invading America’s health care organizations.

  1. You want a Trusted Authority and Leader, not a pretend expert.

 Most people want to forget about their failures and put their bankruptcy behind them.  At first, Mark was no different.  But then he heard someone say that to keep an experience to oneself because it may be uncomfortable or embarrassing, when you could be helping others, is simply selfish.  This inspired Mark to write his first book, “Bankruptcy in Plain English-The Ultimate Layman’s Guide to Taking the Fear and Mystery Out of the Bankruptcy Process So You Can Get a Fresh Start.” (Available on Amazon).  He also created a website separate from his law practice site called “Mark’s Money Matters” (www.markmartella.com) where he provides free resources, videos and podcasts with tips and tools to help people get out of debt and bring sanity to their finances.

  1. You Want a Presentation that Is Not Your Typical Boring, Sleep Inducing, Corporate Lawyer Speaker.

Mark combines compelling, real life, relevant stories about the state of American’s credit addiction to engage the audience.  He has been known to bring people to tears through laughter and through hitting strong emotional chords with his audiences.  Mark promises to bring a memorable experience that audience members will be talking about long after his appearance.

  1. You Need a Glimpse into the Future of Workplace Health and Wellness Programs.

 An AON Hewitt Employer survey of 250 large companies found that that 93% plan to start or enhance their financial literacy training in the workplace.  However, this training must go beyond retirement planning.  Based upon Mark’s experience in dealing with thousands of individuals and families who have gone through the gauntlet of financial devastation, he shares actionable steps that can be taken right away to help health care professionals and support teams reduce their financial stress and design a plan of financial freedom so their focus is always on the best interests of their patients.

  1. You Want a Speaker Who Is Easy to Work with and Who Has Walked in Your Shoes.

Whether it’s putting on his own Small Business Bootcamps, facilitating board retreats, volunteering for large fundraisers for non-profits, getting sponsors or as a Master of Ceremonies, Mark knows all the challenges an event planner or chair has putting on large events and the skills it takes to “herd the cats”.  With that in mind, Mark is not a “prima donna” attorney who requires a special color of M&M’s (he likes all colors), or his water at a certain temperature.  His goal is to make your job as easy as possible when it comes to his presentation and he will bend over backwards to help you in whatever way he can before, during and after the event.

  1. You Want a Customized Experience for Each Audience.

Mark has represented doctors, lawyers, nurses, teachers, service workers and our nation’s bravest, finest and military personnel.  From ages 19 to 92, Mark has dealt with almost every possible demographic category and has learned that when it comes to financial literacy, debt problems do not discriminate.  Education levels do not matter.  Therefore, just as each patient or client comes to us with different experiences and backgrounds, so do audiences.  Mark will take the time to get to know the makeup of your audience and the purpose and goals you, as the planner, desire to achieve.  Once he has that understanding, he will design a program to achieve those desired goals and outcomes.

  1. You need a Transformative Experience for your employees to affect Positive Change for Your Company.

While many 60 to 90 minute presentations can open minds, they cannot provide a transformative experience that will enhance the lives of your medical staff or provide them with lasting change for months or years after the event without further reinforcement.  Therefore, in addition to the free resources sited above to enhance the experience after the event, Mark offers post presentation programs that will provide real and lasting change in your organization, by not only helping your team reduce their debt and gain control of their finances, but also, improving the bottom line benefits to their employer in terms of reduced absenteeism, reduced turnover and increased productivity.  This, of course, results in increased profitability and improved patient experiences.  The programs can also open the door to increased employee engagement, resulting in enhanced loyalty and longevity while also turning your team into evangelists for your organization to recruit other top performers to the team.   Mark is happy to design programs that fit your organization’s needs.

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