Empower Your Employees With The Skills & Mindset To Get Out of Debt And Master Money Management

So they can focus on their jobs, be more productive, stay with you longer, and get better results!

Even 10 years after the mortgage crisis, our culture is wired to give anyone with a pulse a credit card.  Yet, no one takes responsibility for educating consumers about money management.  They’re not learning these skills in school, they’re not learning them at the dinner table.  The only place it can happen is in the workplace.  And that’s good news for you because it’s a chance for you to not only improve your employee’s lives, but improve their relationship with you as well their performance on the job.

That’s because when people have money problems those problems can become all-consuming.  They lose focus on the job and the last thing you want in your hospital is for them to lose focus on your patients.  They’re also more likely to be absent due to stress and stress-related illnesses.  Financial literacy is the answer to this problem that is plaguing Americans and the American workplace.  Helping your team solve this problem will make your organization the hero in their eyes.  And since they won’t be bogged down with overwhelming debt anymore they’ll be far less likely to jump ship for a slightly bigger paycheck.

So this is your chance, with a special presentation from Mark Martella, you can be the catalyst to solving one the biggest problems your employees face!  And yes, this is true for so many of them, no matter how many degrees they have or how technically brilliant or responsible they are.  Your team need you to give them access to Mark’s unique programs that will empower them to develop financial skills and master money management!

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