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Listen to my shows below that originally appeared on NewsRadio 1580 as I share with you tips and tools to get control of your finances and help you learn how to live without a dependence on debt, so you can bring sanity and serenity to you and your family’s financial future.

I have special guests on the show to focus in on specific financial issues from buying a home or car, to protecting your assets and, collecting money owed to you.

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Episode 23- Special Edition:  I Share My Goal “Achieving” System to help guide you on the path to achieving your dreams. December 25, 2017
Mark Martella
Mark Martella

In this episode, I break from my usual format and share with you my system that helped me get past my fears and procrastination in order to, among other things, expand my business to a new location, write a book and even lose weight.  It is easy to use and does not require any expensive software.  If you would like to learn my system, just take a few minutes to start listening and I guaranty that you will begin to get your mind moving and motivated to take that first step toward achieving your dreams.

Once you’ve listened to this episode, if you want to use it to help with debt relief, then listen to my Five Step Financial Sanity Solution in Episode 13. 


Episode 22- Auto Insurance Tips explained in Plain English by Mike Martin of State Farm.  Also, what you should never do when it comes to buying a Pet: December 18, 2017
Mike Martin

In this episode, I interview Mike Martin with State Farm Insurance in Punta Gorda who shares with us tips and tools in plain English when it comes to purchasing Auto Insurance.  he also explains how your credit history and driving history could affect your insurance premium.

Also, I will share with you an unbelievable way people are purchasing pets and I can’t think of a worse mistake to make when purchasing a pet- Leasing.  Yes, I said leasing.  Listen to find out about this giant rip off of consumers!


Episode 21- How to Get a mortgage after Bankruptcy and Foreclosure.  Mortgage Lending Myths Debunked by My Special Guest Toby Lynn of The Mortgage Firm : December 11, 2017

In this episode, I interview Toby Lynn with “The Mortgage Firm.”  Toby provides straight talk about how you can qualify for a mortgage after a bankruptcy or foreclosure in anywhere from 1 year to 4 years after filing.  She debunks the myths that your credit is ruined for 10 years.  Toby also talks about common mistakes people make when it comes to their credit that are counter intuitive and

Toby Lynn with "The Mortgage Firm" 941-356-6579
Toby Lynn with “The Mortgage Firm” 941-356-6579

cause credit scores to needlessly go down.

Additionally I share with you the 3rd Quarter stats for the NY Fed showing that Americans keep digging a deeper hole of credit card and auto debt.  Also, I share with you a report that outlines the challenges that woman owned businesses face when compared to male owned business.


Episode 20- Don’t Buy any Jewelry before listening to this Show or you’ll be kicking yourself later! – December 4, 2017.

In this episode, I first share with you how Amazon is taken advantage of low income consumers by charging them 30% more for one of their products.  the latest scam out there by

Mark Martella, Esq.
Mark Martella, Esq.

Also, if your are looking to buy that special someone some jewelry this holiday season or if you are thinking about geting engaged, then you MUST listen to this episode before you make any purchase that you may regret down the road.


Episode 19- Changing your Mindset about your Use of Money through a Personal Financial Philosophy and Special Guest Rob Young, Esq. : November 27, 2017

In this episode, I talk about Jim Rohn’s personal philosophy about money and how it aligns with my Step One of my “Five Step Financial Sanity Solution” that states that you must change your mindset about your use of debt to live.

Rob Young, Esq.
Rob Young, Esq.

Also, my special guest, Rob Young, Esq., explains how a court determines child support and alimony and what you can do if you are not receiving what is due to you from a former spouse or parent of your child.



Episode 18- Special Guest Jordan “Jordie” Riccardi, Esq. talks demystifies the probate process and I share my TOP TEN Tips on how to avoid a big hole of debt on Black Friday- November 20, 2017.

In this episode, my special guest Jordan Riccardi, Esq. demystifies the probate process and explains how it works , when it is necessary and how you may be able to avoid it.

Jordan Riccardi, Esq.
Jordan Riccardi, Esq.

He also discusses what assets are protected from creditors and why you can’t disinherit your spouse unless you take very specific measures with a pre or post nuptial agreement.

Also, I share with you my Black Friday Debt Prevention Survival Guide to give you my TOP TEN Tips to keep you out of the black hole of debt on Black Friday.


Episode 17- Special Guests Drew Clayton, Esq. and Worth Graham, Esq. share stories of investment scams and how to avoid them.  November 13, 2017.

Worth Graham, Esq. (L) and Drew Clayton, Esq. (R)

In this episode, my special guests, Drew Clayton, Esq. and Worth Graham, Esq. of the law firm of Icard Merrill, share stories of investment scams that have cost retirees their life savings due to

misplaced trust and failure to conduct proper due diligence.  As they explain, it doesn’t matter how smart a person is, they can be subject to financial scams based upon misplaced trust and investing money in areas they are unfamiliar with for investing their hard earned money.

Also, I will share with you mare statistics from the Federal Reserve that demonstrate why Money Matters was created to help you break out of the credit card debt cycle which continues to get worse and reach record numbers.


Episode 16- Special Guest Timothy Meyer, CFP,  shares insights on planning for your retirement so that you don’t run out of money. November 6, 2017.

In this episode, my special guest, financial advisor Timothy Meyer, CFP, shares with you tips and insights on what you should do when

Timothy Meyer, CFP
Timothy Meyer, CFP

planning your retirement.  He also answers the question of what to do when you have significant high interest credit card debt when doing your retirement planning.

Also, I share with the inspiring story of Travis Roy who’s life changed just 11 seconds into his collegiate hockey career.  If you are struggling to get past some obstacles to reach your goals, then you must listen to his story to crush any excuses you may be fooling yourself with.


Episode 15- Beware of Online Dating Scams and other Scams aimed at Seniors. October 23, 2017.

This may be the most important episode I have ever recorded. In this episode, I share with you a typical story of how men and women looking for love get lured in by expert manipulators to not only get their hearts broken but also their wallets and bank accounts emptied.

Mark Martella, Esq.

I also share with you the top 10 Scams perpetrated on seniors by all types of wolves out there including the most despicable one of all, the “Grandparent Scam”.  Whether you are a senior or the adult children of seniors, you must be listen to this show to learn how to protect yourself the master manipulators out there looking to separate your loved ones from their hard earned cash, home equity and retirement funds.


Episode 14- Special Guest Alyssa M. Nohren, Esq. talks about the critical things you need to think about before buying or selling you home. October 23, 2017.

In this episode, my special guest, Alyssa M. Nohren, Esq., shares with you tips and issues you need to think about before you sign a contract

Alyssa M. Nohren, Esq.
Alyssa M. Nohren, Esq.

on the biggest purchase you’ll ever make in our life, a new home.  Also, I share with you a warning from a former Google employee about have a handful of companies that will be controlling how we think and act through our smart phones.  Scary thoughts indeed that will hopefully raise your consciousness on the manipulative practices of marketers so you can protect yourself from their “witchcraft”.



Episode 13- Listen to this episode for a detailed explanation of  the Five Step Financial Sanity Solution- October 9, 2017.

In this episode, I first share with you the latest scam out there by

Mark Martella, Esq.
Mark Martella, Esq.

sharks posing as debt consolidation companies looking to separate you from your hard earned money.  Then I give you a detailed breakdown of my Five Step Financial Sanity Solution.  Check it out to see if you can get out of debt without having to file for bankruptcy.


Episode 12- Special Guest Jordan “Jordie” Riccardi, Esq. talks about how to protect your personal assets from business debts by forming a corporation or LLC- October 9, 2017.

In this episode, my special guest Jordan Riccardi, Esq. talks about

Jordan Riccardi, Esq.
Jordan Riccardi, Esq.

why just forming a corporation online is not enough to protect your assets.  You must follow proper procedures to insure you maintain the protections intended by fomring a corporation.  I alos share with you how I literally saved thousands of dollars on car insurance.


Episode 11- Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Bankruptcy But Were Afraid to Ask- October 2, 2017.

In this episode, I explain the bankruptcy process, expose the myths and lies that the credit card companies perpetrate that false claim BK Bookthat bankruptcy will ruin your credit forever and share the story of one famous person who we all know that was only able to make the world a little sweeter because of the availability of the bankruptcy code.  I also share the personal success story of one of my clients to help you get past some of your personal hurdles as well.


Episode 10- Special Guests: Ron Olsen and Brenda Lynch of Strang, Olsen and Lynch of Punta Gorda share some tax saving tips and what to do if you get a letter from the IRS.  

Brenda Lynch, CPA
Ron Olsen, CPA

In this episode, Ron and Brenda explain why its important to timely file your returns and not to ignore letters you receive from the IRS.  I also talk about the problems with student loans and the truth about law school (that you won’t see in any law school brochure) and the high stress and mental issues faced by law students and attorneys.

Episode 9- Special Guest: Mike Martin with State Farm Insurance of Punta Gorda explains the claims process after Hurricane Irma and I share some resources to help you with your recovery: September 18, 2017.
Mike Martin, State Farm

In this episode, I’m joined by State Farm Agent Mike Martin who provides tips and answers questions about submitting your Hurricane Irma related claims.  Also, we got a call from Donna Barrett, Executive Director of the CDBIA who shared tips when hiring a contractor and FREE services provided by her organization to help you BEFORE you hire a contractor.  I also share some resources that can help you in your recovery including free Legal Resources provided by the Florida Bar.  For links to all the resources, just CLICK HERE.

Episode 8- Special Guest Employment Attorney Jessica Farrelly, Esq. discussed employee rights regarding pay and the family leave Act.  I address the rising issue of financial distress and suicide: August 28, 2017.

In this episode, I interview employment law attorney Jessica Farrelly, Esq., of Icard Merrill who shared with us common wage violations by employers as well as your rights when if comes to

Jessica Farrelly, Esq.
Jessica Farrelly, Esq.

maternity leave and the Family Leave Act for both mothers and fathers.

I also take a look at how financially fragile American families are and the rising increase in suicides of middle aged men due to job loss and financial challenges.


Episode 7- Special Guest, Maryann Mize, Sr. Vice President of Commercial Lending at Charlotte State Bank and Trust gives home buying borrowing tips and I give you the Financial Literacy Test: August 21, 2017.
Maryann Mize, CCIM
Maryann Mize, CCIM

In this episode, I interview Maryann Mize, a community banker with over 30 years in the industry.  Maryann shares with us tips on home buying and answers what the state of the real estate market is here in Southwest Florida.

Also, do you think you can pass the Financial Literacy Test?  Only 30% of the population of America passes this three question test.  See how you do by clicking on the link below to hear the questions.

Episode 6- Special Guest, Estate Planning Attorney Michael Foreman, Esq. shares why you need to have the right documents in place to protect you and your family when “life happens.”  I also talk about the real costs of raising a kid: August 14, 2017.
Michael Foreman, Esq.

Probably the greatest area of procrastination in the law is estate planning.  Most people don’t want to think about it because they believe once they sign these documents it means they are mortal and their life is coming to an end.  Well, as we learn in this episode with my guest, attorney Michael Foreman, Esq., even if you don’t have a lot of assets, if you do have kids or loved ones, the right estate documents can be extremely important when an unexpected health crisis arises.

Do you have kids or are planning to have them? Then you won’t want to miss my explanation of the true cost of raising a child.  You will definitely want to be sitting down when you hear these numbers!  You’ll also get to hear about my first faux pas on the show that required an apology to my daughter Kate.

First half of show with Mark Martella

Second half of show with Michael Foreman, Esq.

Episode 5- Special Guests, Drew  and Marion Denby, owners of You’ve Got Maids franchise discuss their entrepreneurial journey here in Southwest Florida as British business owners in a foreign land: August 7, 2017

While I often talk about the benefits of learning from the mistakes of others, its also a good practice to learn about and model the actions of successful individuals.  Whether it’s Henry Ford, Milton Hershey or Steve Jobs, all have had to overcome challenges and practice persistence to achieve their ultimate success.

Drew & Marion Denby- Owners of You've Got Maids
Drew & Marion Denby- Owners of You’ve Got Maids

In this episode, I had the pleasure of interviewing Drew and Marion Denby who prove that the American entrepreneurial dream is still alive and well.  If you are a small business owner who thinks they have it tough, imagine not knowing if you can keep your business after two years of sweat equity after surviving the trials and tribulations of a small business owner.  Please listen to this episode to learn what you can do to help job creators like Drew and Marion in our country with proposed the Amendment to the E-2 visa program pending in the House of Representatives.

Episode 4- Special Guest, securities attorney Drew Clayton, Esq., shares tips on how to choose a financial advisor and I discuss another despicable act by Wells Fargo : July 31, 2017

We have all heard about the nightmare of the Bernie Madoff scandal.  But while most individuals won’t get taken by a fraudulent ponzi scheme, millions of dollars are lost due to negligent handling of peoples retirement accounts.

Drew Clayton, Esq.
Drew Clayton, Esq.

In this week’s episode, securities attorney Drew Clayton, Esq., shares valuable tips on choosing an investment advisor as well as what to do after you have turned over your money so you don’t get burned.

Also, I share with you the despicable car insurance scam perpetrated by Wells Fargo that resulted in over 25,000 cars being wrongfully repossessed and other tips to help you gain control of your finances.

Episode 3- Learn Steps 3, 4, and 5 of my Five Step “Financial Sanity Solution” and Special Guest Anthony Manganiello, Esq. : July 24, 2017

This week, I share with you some changes in reporting on your credit report and how it may misleadingly increase your credit score.  I also share with you steps 3, 4 and 5 of my “Financial Sanity Solution”.

Anthony Manganiello, Esq.

My guest this week was Anthony Manganiello, Esq., a personal injury attorney with Icard Merrill.  Anthony explained the do’s and don’ts  of what to do if you are in an accident or a victim of malpractice.   He also shared with us the background of a sweet business venture he has with his brother.


Episode 2- What NOT to do when Buying a Car and Special Guest Rob Young, Esq. : July 17, 2017

In this weeks episode, I talk about the common mistakes I see my clients make when buying a car with comments about Donald Trump, Kevin O’Leary and Darth Vader, and share with you four lessons you need to know before purchasing your next car.

Rob Young, Esq.
Rob Young, Esq.

Also, I am joined by family law attorney Rob Young, Esq., who provides insights on how child support and alimony awards are determined in Florida and what to do if your deadbeat ex is not paying you.



Episode 1- Debut Broadcast: July 10, 2017

b9b077e3554f9ea35de83148b08bf718In my debut episode, I share with you some the enormous numbers of people in debt and in default on their cards, explain some of the manipulative practices of credit card companies, and provide an overview of my five step “Financial Sanity Solution.”  I then go into detail in the first two steps of the solution, Changing your mindset and Creating a Budget.




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