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Five BIG 401(k) Mistakes to Avoid.

Learn what to do to protect your retirement nest egg from creditors. Also, hear my rant about the latest issue of The AARP Bulletin and the disservice it is providing to its members.

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The Money Illusion and iPhone Manipulation

Check out this video on the “money illusion” and how the new iPhone takes the concept to new heights in consumer manipulation.  I also share with you three big mistakes i see consumers make with their 401(k)’s and home equity lines of credit.

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Don’t REFI to pay off Credit Card’s Before Watching this Video!

February 15, 2018–  Have you been receiving phone calls about refinancing to pull out money to pay off high interest credit cards?  Well learn the truth about whether it is a good idea by watching this video.

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Episode 20- Jewelry Buying Tips you Must Know Before your Next Purchase.

Episode 20- Don’t Buy any Jewelry before listening to this Show or you’ll be kicking yourself later! – December 4, 2017.

In this episode, I first share with you how Amazon is taken advantage of low income consumers by charging them 30% more for one of their products.  the latest scam out there by

Mark Martella, Esq.
Mark Martella, Esq.

Also, if your are looking to buy that special someone some jewelry this holiday season or if you are thinking about geting engaged, then you MUST listen to this episode before you make any purchase that you may regret down the road.



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