As a consumer attorney, I have helped thousands of individuals and small businesses either dig themselves out of debt, or provide them relief from crippling debt through a bankruptcy filing. As a result of my experiences, I have seen the stress, heartache and emotional turmoil my clients have gone through. Therefore, it’s now my mission to help people avoid ever having to go through this type of financial stress I have seen over the last 30 years of my practice. This is achieved by providing programs for financial literacy education through employers, as it is no longer offered in our schools. This results in a win-win for employees and employers, as the reduction of an employee’s financial stress at home leads to greater productivity at work, less absenteeism, greater employee retention and loyalty, and therefore, increased profitability.

If you are wondering if i can assist your company and employees then check all that apply:

“I’m here because …”

  • I need to reduce stress for my employees at home, in order to increase productivity and reduce errors in my facility.
  • I want to increase profitability by reducing turnover and the high costs of searching for replacements and training.
  • Improving company culture and employee loyalty through a supportive work environment is a priority for my company!

Over 60% of America’s workers are under financial stress at home.  While no one likes to talk about it, this stress is affecting the productivity, profitability and performance in the workplace.  When it comes to healthcare, where the stakes are so high, this elephant can no longer be ignored as a distracted health care provider can lead to tragic results.

An AON Hewitt Employer survey of 250 large companies found that that 93% plan to start or enhance their financial literacy training in the workplace.  However, this training must go beyond retirement planning.

Based upon my 30 years of experience as a consumer bankruptcy attorney and dealing with thousands of individuals and families who have gone through the gauntlet of financial devastation, I can share actionable steps that can be taken right away to help health care professionals and support teams reduce their financial stress and design a plan of financial freedom so their focus is always on the best interests of their patients.

“I feel so much happier and sleep better.  I had no idea what this process would do for me but I can tell you I am so much more confident in myself.  Had I not taken action, I would be struggling today with making minimum payments and digging myself further in debt.” – Kathleen Hewes, Florida

“We have found Mark’s seminars to be exceptional in their content and delivery.” Linda Pizarro, CEO, PG-PC-NP Association Realtors

Want to learn more on how to help your team relieve their financial stress? Just e-mail me at mark@markmartella.com or call 941-206-3700 to book a complimentary Discovery call.

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