Episode 21- Learn How to get a Mortgage after Bankruptcy or Foreclosure.

Episode 21- How to Get a mortgage after Bankruptcy and Foreclosure.  Mortgage Lending Myths Debunked by My Special Guest Toby Lynn of The Mortgage Firm : December 11, 2017

In this episode, I interview Toby Lynn with “The Mortgage Firm.”  Toby provides straight talk about how you can qualify for a mortgage after a bankruptcy or foreclosure in anywhere from 1 year to 4 years after filing.  She debunks the myths that your credit is ruined for 10 years.  Toby also talks about common mistakes people make when it comes to their credit that are counter intuitive and

Toby Lynn with "The Mortgage Firm" 941-356-6579
Toby Lynn with “The Mortgage Firm” 941-356-6579

cause credit scores to needlessly go down.

Additionally I share with you the 3rd Quarter stats for the NY Fed showing that Americans keep digging a deeper hole of credit card and auto debt.  Also, I share with you a report that outlines the challenges that woman owned businesses face when compared to male owned business.

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Toby Lynn 941-356-6579
Toby Lynn, The Mortgage Firm 941-356-6579
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