Episode 17- Drew Clayton and Worth Graham on Investment Scams.

Episode 17- Special Guests Drew Clayton, Esq. and Worth Graham, Esq. share stories of investment scams and how to avoid them.  November 13, 2017.

Worth Graham, Esq. (L) and Drew Clayton, Esq. (R)

In this episode, my special guests, Drew Clayton, Esq. and Worth Graham, Esq. of the law firm of Icard Merrill, share stories of investment scams that have cost retirees their life savings due to

misplaced trust and failure to conduct proper due diligence.  As they explain, it doesn’t matter how smart a person is, they can be subject to financial scams based upon misplaced trust and investing money in areas they are unfamiliar with for investing their hard earned money.

Also, I will share with you mare statistics from the Federal Reserve that demonstrate why Money Matters was created to help you break out of the credit card debt cycle which continues to get worse and reach record numbers.

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