Episode 19- What is Your Philosophy about Money and Guest Rob Young, Esq.

Episode 19- Changing your Mindset about your Use of Money through a Personal Financial Philosophy and Special Guest Rob Young, Esq. : November 27, 2017

In this episode, I talk about Jim Rohn’s personal philosophy about money and how it aligns with my Step One of my “Five Step Financial Sanity Solution” that states that you must change your mindset about your use of debt to live.

Rob Young, Esq.
Rob Young, Esq.

Also, my special guest, Rob Young, Esq., explains how a court determines child support and alimony and what you can do if you are not receiving what is due to you from a former spouse or parent of your child.


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Episode 18- Jordan Riccardi, Esq. & the Black Friday Debt Prevention Survival Guide

Episode 18- Special Guest Jordan “Jordie” Riccardi, Esq. talks demystifies the probate process and I share my TOP TEN Tips on how to avoid a big hole of debt on Black Friday- November 20, 2017.

In this episode, my special guest Jordan Riccardi, Esq. demystifies the probate process and explains how it works , when it is necessary and how you may be able to avoid it.

Jordan Riccardi, Esq.
Jordan Riccardi, Esq.

He also discusses what assets are protected from creditors and why you can’t disinherit your spouse unless you take very specific measures with a pre or post nuptial agreement.

Also, I share with you my Black Friday Debt Prevention Survival Guide to give you my TOP TEN Tips to keep you out of the black hole of debt on Black Friday.

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Episode 17- Drew Clayton and Worth Graham on Investment Scams.

Episode 17- Special Guests Drew Clayton, Esq. and Worth Graham, Esq. share stories of investment scams and how to avoid them.  November 13, 2017.

Worth Graham, Esq. (L) and Drew Clayton, Esq. (R)

In this episode, my special guests, Drew Clayton, Esq. and Worth Graham, Esq. of the law firm of Icard Merrill, share stories of investment scams that have cost retirees their life savings due to

misplaced trust and failure to conduct proper due diligence.  As they explain, it doesn’t matter how smart a person is, they can be subject to financial scams based upon misplaced trust and investing money in areas they are unfamiliar with for investing their hard earned money.

Also, I will share with you mare statistics from the Federal Reserve that demonstrate why Money Matters was created to help you break out of the credit card debt cycle which continues to get worse and reach record numbers.

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Episode 16- Timothy Meyer shares retirement planning tips and tools.

Episode 14- Special Guest Timothy Meyer, CFP,  shares insights on planning for your retirement so that you don’t run out of money. November 6, 2017.

In this episode, my special guest, financial advisor Timothy Meyer, CFP, shares with you tips and insights on what you should do when

Timothy Meyer, CFP
Timothy Meyer, CFP

planning your retirement.  He also answers the question of what to do when you have significant high interest credit card debt when doing your retirement planning.

Also, I share with the inspiring story of Travis Roy who’s life changed just 11 seconds into his collegiate hockey career.  If you are struggling to get past some obstacles to reach your goals, then you must listen to his story to crush any excuses you may be fooling yourself with.

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Episode 15- Online Dating Scams and other Top 10 Scams Aimed at Seniors.

Episode 15- Beware of Online Dating Scams and other Scams aimed at Seniors. October 23, 2017.

This may be the most important episode I have ever recorded. In this episode, I share with you a typical story of how men and women looking for love get lured in by expert manipulators to not only get their hearts broken but also their wallets and bank accounts emptied.

Mark Martella, Esq.

I also share with you the top 10 Scams perpetrated on seniors by all types of wolves out there including the most despicable one of all, the “Grandparent Scam”.  Whether you are a senior or the adult children of seniors, you must be listen to this show to learn how to protect yourself the master manipulators out there looking to separate your loved ones from their hard earned cash, home equity and retirement funds.

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