MARKs MONEY MATTERSWelcome to the home for people looking to change their financial lives by ridding themselves of the chains of debt and searching for answers on how to take control of their finances in order to live stress free.

Hi, I’m Mark Martella.  As an attorney for 30 years with a practice focused on debt relief and bankruptcy, I was always perplexed at the number of clients who would come to me to file their second or third bankruptcy.  I would ask myself:

1.  If credit card companies tell people how bad it is to file bankruptcy and that it will ruin their credit, how are these clients able to get into financial trouble again so quickly using credit cards?

2.   If clients are telling me when I meet with them that they never want a credit card again, how do they slide back into the slippery slope of overwhelming debt?

3.  What I can I do to help my clients and others from falling back into the black hole of debt and, instead, live a financially secure life?

Then, it finally hit me.  Instead of only explaining to people how to re-establish their credit after a default for non-payment or bankruptcy, I had a duty to also teach them how NOT to RELY on credit as part of their financial planning and that they could live without relying on credit with a proper system in place for their financial future.

As a result, “Mark’s Money Matters” was born!

It started simply as a Facebook page with a weekly Facebook Live video, and then a radio show on Newsradio 1580 WCCF-AM, simulcast on iHeart Radio, and this blog.

Therefore, it is now my mission to help you and others:

  • Who are facing overwhelming debt and are looking for a way to get relief from the stress it causes and out from under the debt;
  • Who may have recently gone through a bankruptcy and never want to go back there again by learning a new way of handling money and not relying on debt; or
  • Who are simply struggling each month living paycheck to paycheck and unable to figure out how to improve their financial position to maybe buy a house or car or retire someday.

If any of these situations describe where you are at financially, then;

WELCOME to a place where you can get the answers to your questions;

WELCOME to a place where you can learn tools and systems to guide you to your desired destination of financial independence, security and liberation from the chains of debt; and

WELCOME to a community of like minded individuals who have shard your struggles, have walked a mile in your shoes and are committed to work together to support, encourage and applaud you as you take on on the challenge to change yours and your family’s lives for a better, more secure, financial future.

Always remember, you have the power to choose to live a debt free, stress free life!

Teaching You How to Break Your Addiction to Credit

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